Enjoy the sound without losing it.

Don't let the loudness harm your hearing or spoil your enjoyment of live music. Experience the thrill of festivals while prioritizing your long-term hearing health. Don't miss a beat – get your High Fidelity EarPlugs today!

  • Preserve Crystal-Clear Sound

    Specially designed with acoustic filters that reduces ear-ringing sound while saving the full EDM experience.

  • Ultimate Comfort

    Our earplugs are crafted from soft, hypoallergenic silicone material, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended wear.

  • Noise Reduction, Not Elimination

    Immerse yourself without the harmful effects of insanely loud noise!

Music ❤️

Your Hearing Matters!

We all love to enjoy music as we rage the night away during a festival. Don't let the constant loud music damage what matters most to you at a rave!

Get lit 🥳

Party Harder!

With added hearing protection. You can go longer and harder than you ever have done before!


Why should I wear UltiPlugs?

Festivals are notorious for blasting music at high decibel levels, and prolonged exposure to such noise can lead to permanent hearing damage. Our concert ear plugs are specifically designed to attenuate sound while maintaining audio clarity, ensuring you can enjoy the music without putting your hearing at risk.

Why are these better than foam ones?

Traditional foam earplugs often muffle and distort the music, resulting in a less enjoyable listening experience. UltiPlugs are made to reduces the volume evenly across all frequencies, allowing you to hear the music as it's meant to be heard while maintaining a safer sound level.

Are they reusable?

Our earplugs reusable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable foam plugs. They come with a convenient carrying case to ensure easy storage and portability.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of the earplugs, we unfortunately do not take refunds Please see our return policy page for more details.

Click here to go to our return policy page.

I lost mine!? What do I do?

We get it, they're small and can be easily lost when you're in a large crowd. If you lose the first pair, we got you covered! Just pay a $10 shipping and processing fee.

Why UltiPlugs?

Don't compromise on the music – protect your ears without skipping a beat!